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Diseases of the thyroid can crush your entire life ...

What you will find on this site is an alternative method of treating the thyroid gland and some cardiovascular desease

Traditional surgery and hormone replacement therapy are avoided

Thyroid gland

is the primary organ on which the metabolism depends on each cell of the organism.  Hormones of this gland have an extremely important role, and their deficit leads to the appearance of symptoms that sharply  reduce the quality of life. It depends on the speed at which the red blood cells move, the elasticity  of the blood vessels, stimulate the red bone marrow for the hematopoiesis process called hemopoiesis.  Both conditions of hypo- and hyper-function of the thyroid gland result in health risks,  and if one does not take steps to treat her, it is a matter of time to become incapacitated  heavily reduced vital tone. Gradually, this also affects the function of other organs with all that stems from  these consequences - decreased immunity, rhythm disorders and cardiovascular risk, changes in neurological status, and  also gynecological and reproductive problems. Adding an autoimmune disease such as chronic lymphocyte Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which is a separate disease associated with immunity, can be said to be very vulnerable.  Three are the main pillars on which human health is based and they are mutually dependent - brain, heart and thyroid gland.  The latter, unfortunately, is heavily neglected in importance, which also explains the poor effectiveness in the treatment of many social  significant diseases. Pulse therapy is equally applicable for both thyroid-specific diseases and  autoimmune thyroiditis - Hashimoto. This is the first autoimmune disease that is very successfully treated without any side-effects.  This therapy also treats a number of cardiovascular diseases - ischemic heart disease, heart failure, rhythm disorders (tachycardia and bradycardia too), hypertension. The purpose of this site is to alert the reader to another species treatment of the diseases listed in the site and not to be misled by the modern, traditional medicine offered to him  chemicals while living, or the scalpel, then proceeds to the synthesis. The cause of these diseases is in the brain that controls everything. Hormone-replacement therapy and operations they do not work because the reason remains. The bad thing is that once the gland is totally cut, the Impulse therapy is helpless. There is no patient who feels well after surgery and the synthetic hormones which then accepts with a lot of side effects that you can read on the sections of the site. Statistics from the results of  Pulse therapy shows that it is a powerful tool for eliminating the true cause of the diseases listed with related and other accompanying diseases. Hashimoto is a fully treatable illness with Impulse therapy and it is already routine.

Thyroid gland


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thyroid gland

Bronchial asthma

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